Test: Cleaning Occupied and Discharged Patient Rooms

Cleaning Occupied and Discharged Patient Rooms Test (English)
1. Solutions used to clean and disinfect patients rooms generally break down into these categories: *
2. True or False. The type of disinfectant solutions selected for use by infection control and environmental services will depend on the microorganisms present in the area, the potency and contact time needed to kill those germs, as well as the surface materials being cleaned. *
3. In general, when cleaning an occupied patient room: *
4. When cleaning a patient room (before disinfecting), you should do the following in this order: *
5. All of the following directions should be considered when cleaning a room except: *
6. Which of the following actions can put patients and Environmental Services technicians at risk? *
7. A terminal or discharge cleaning means cleaning the area of the hospital where: *
8. The following safety issues should be kept in mind when cleaning and disinfecting except: *
9. True or False. When cleaning an isolation room, first check the door sign for the type of isolation instructions, and put on the required PPE after entering the room. *
10. The following can be said about cleaning isolation rooms: *